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Siden 1957 har vi installert i overkant av 4000 heiser i Norge, både landbaserte heiser, skips- og ferge heiser og på oljeplatformer i nordsjøen.

På disse sidene vil du finne mer informasjon om selskapet, våre produkter og tjenester samt andre aktuelle forhold.


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Utviklet av Bysant AS
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Schindler Stahl HeiserAS shall be the most reliable supplier on the market of lifts onshore, on ships and offshore. Our products include development, installation and maintenance of lifts. Quality shall be obtained by having a system, which are uniform, easily understood, effective and visible for our employees, customers and suppliers. Schindler Stahl Heiser AS control system satisfies the requirements in NS-EN ISO 9001:2008 including the Lift Directive 95/16/EU. 

When carrying out our commissions, we shall focus on external and internal requirements for operation within marketing, sales, planning, design, economy and IT.

We shall visibly show that we through our control systems, can satisfy our customers’ requirements regarding technical solutions, communications, organizational conditions, purchases, logistics and performance of commissions. We shall systematically accomplish measures for improvements that are necessary to satisfy these requirements.

To maintain our position in the market, the customers’ requirements and expectations of us, shall have the highest attention.

This means that all employees shall give our customers the greatest attention by quick responds in all areas, good service, a proactive attitude and remain humble regarding the customers’ demand. Schindler Stahl HeiserAS has established a control system, which describes the company’s most important processes to follow up these conditions. Control systems are divided into: 

  •         Management Processes
  •      Main Processes
  •          Support Processes

In the company’s Intranet the control system is available for employees, and it shows who is responsible for the different processes. There are established milestones for the different processes and we regularly undertake checks to make sure these are reached. 

The use of new technology and a close co-operation with users and suppliers, shall ensure that our products and services will be the best.


Quality is a fundamental element in Schindler Stahl Heiser, where it is important to do the job right the first time.


Bergen, 26th August 2008


Jan Henrik Skjelbred

Man. Director